Looking for Surfboard builders that like surfers to surf the right board

Hi guys and girls

A quick introduction here, I’m Lesley, a passionate surfer and IT guy that made it his mission to:

  1. help local surfboard builders to preserve their surfboard history and have surfers connect with them more easy.

  2. Help surfers connecting with local surfboard builders and help them choose the board that suites their surf ability.

With this message, we are looking for shapers that are keen to build an online portfolio for free and give the opportunity to surfers to try some of their models before they need to spend all their money on a new board that not really suites them.

Since February 2018 we’re building a platform where shapers get their own private blueprint which generates a personal webpage that is getting updated automatically when a board gets posted. Not only that but also we give the opportunity to shapers to digitalise their boards and make them scannable by nearly any mobile device. Each shaper can download their own set of QR codes. Each code is different for each board, so each of the boards uploaded get a unique webpage connected to the profile of the creator. 

When a person scans the board he gets directed to 1. the board details of the board scanned (including model story, board story, dimensions, glassing details, location,… ) and 2. the shaper profile.

I’ve put a little scheme in the attachment so you as shaper or surfer can see what we are up to.

So long story short, if you want to:

  • Optionally digitalize your surfboard and give it history and your soul in the form of a QR code

  • get your free order forms (including your logo)

  • have a factory order overview

  • upload a youtube or vimeo movie to your board (eg.   https://www.surfneutral.com/boards/6z17GcdjQMCC-XH_JzQKYQ/    )

  • rent out some of your stock boards to surfers as try and buy and earn some extra cash while supporting non profits. (NEW RELEASE) 

  • be visible on our global shaper or surfboard map

Then, our platform is something for you… 


We’re building out of passion like most of you shapers so we hope to see some new boards and shapers soon. 

Have a look (It’s FREE) and join other shapers in this movement.


Due to regulations, we were only allowed to open up the try and buy (or rental part) for the European and South African market, but no worries we will expand to the United States and Australia soon! In the mean time you can start building your port folio and let surfers know where to find you.


Also, if any of you have additional questions feel free to contact me on lesley@surfneutral.com

May you all have a nice year end & happy new year






Who’s the charity??

Hi McDing, 

as we are a member of 1% for the planet we do contribute allready to non profits on an anual base. As  a community we feel that we could even contribute more.


you can have a look at it here:



please let me know if you have additional questions!




Hello Surfneutral; what about a QR code (with the logo) not for each board but only one to put on each board so when scanning the surfer has the dimensions, for what is intended, care to take and some other words?

About 3 years ago I was thinking to find some one that can do that due to I do not put measurements etc on the shape and at that time I had plenty of orders from a surf shop and they love the dimensions (but I do not because is a gimmick actually)



Hi Reverb,


thanks a lot for your reply here, if you sign up as a shaper to the platform you can download your own QR codes that could be laminated into the board. When you upload or register the board then the QR code gets linked to the board and to your profile. 


a person scanning the board can as such see the board, model story and could start a chat with you right away. Even the surfer and the area where the board is located is visible. So indeed no need to write anything on the board any more as the QR holds all the information!


I would be happy to give you a demo and show you where we are and explain where we are going with this project.


please reply here or drop me a mail at lesley@surfneutral.com if you are interested to know how it works


hope to chat soon 



…alright. I will send you an email to see the details but I do not like to be attached to an another wpage. We ll see.


Hey Reverb,

looking forward to your email. I do understand that not all want to be linked to another webpage but think of Surf Neutral as a neutral place where you could give your boards an ongoing history linked to your profile. We are now developing this for just over two years and still have a lot of things we need to complete. One of the things is which is in the pipeline is an API or Iframe that you could use to link your profile to your own webpage. 

In any case, for now, each shaper posting a board gets a free brand page. Visiting this page requires a login now but this will be changed in our next release. We will open the brand page to the public so anyone looking for a local shaper in his neighbourhood or place of travel will be able to easily connect with them having no hassle of searching the internet…

It would be nice if we could do a call, let me show you what we’ve done so far and maybe exchange some ideas on what would work for you…

Hope to chat soon!

Best Regards



PS: if you would like to see a brand page from Natural Curve surfboards you could have a look at:


Again, web pages like above will be open to the public soon!