Los Angeles Glassers

I saw the archives on this topic and am not satisfied with the options. I have not tried Shoreline but I am not really looking forward to taking my board down south when I am up in Thousand Oaks… I have used Aquatech in the past and they are good, but I want to see what others can do. Does anyone know a glasser besides Aquatech and Shoreline in Los Angeles or Ventura? Thanks!

we are looking for a bigger building but should have a temporary location set up in the next 2 weeks, check the site and email for info. http://www.surfboardglassing.com

Ventura= Proctor surfboards does outside glassing not to bad. Roberts/five star glassing also does ok job. Santa Barbara/Goleta= Haakson Glassing the best on the planet!!! Does most of Channel Islands and ALL of Kelly Slaters boards. And will do yours. With reasonable prices. Marko

Hey great! thank you very much… How do I get a hold of five star glassing and the others? Do you have a phone number?