Lost clear coat??

Does anybody know what Lost uses to seal thier posca penwork? It has sort of a rough finish.?Thanks,Trev

…Trev, …most likely spray acrylic out of a can.Herb ps.the rough finish gives that away.

it could be a clear acrylic called BREAKTHROUGH- available at most paint stores- it is sprayed on to protect paint on hot coat. the rough finish reminds me of the ‘speed finishes’, hot buttered did years ago-nev and fitz did it in australia, on their boards to make them ‘fast’.

Thanks for the info guys. I’ll look for Breakthrough at the paint store.TREV

I too have inquired with …Lost glassers and artist. They wouldn’t say. It is NOT standard acrylic spray though. They said “you couldn’t get it, it is too expensive” that is all. Let me know if you do

Hi there, Drew uses arcylic Kylon to seal the board after the artwork, that’s what he said in his website. Regards, Crabie

…Too expensive,bs,they just don’t want you to know that they use Krylon.Herb