. lost xtr

i was noticing on the lost xtr boards…along the top of the rails there are tiny holes almost like pin holes all the way around…i think this is for when the blank expands and contracts…but could someone clear this up… and if so is there anyway of home duplicating it like placing small pins durring the glassing period or something…

any info would help…

thanks ryan e.

yeah, the foam is closed cell so it wont absorb water.

The holes on mine are also on the bottom. I saw a picture once of the machine they used to make those holes, really large and exacting.

The foam does expand and contract according to Javier at XTR, hence the holes.

Bufo boards

XPS foam has some bonding and out gassing issues.

The garage guy fix is to leave the blank fuzzy and rough, stop sanding at 40grt.

Then when you glass leave some more epoxy on the glass than normal. Let it soak in.

And do not paint on the foam & never leave the board in the sun.

Look up XPS foam or Surfer Steve-How to make a surf board.

Good luck,