LOTUS Surfboard


i wonder if you can give me your comments about the LOTUS surfboards, (in USA??).

Because I like to learn surfing, and a friend of mine is selling me a LOTUS surfboard in $200, used 1 year but in perfect conditions, size 6,3".

Thanks in advance, waiting your comments, best regards


$200 may be a good deal for a barely used shortboard, but it’s not the ideal board to

learn on. I’m not familair with the brand “LOTUS” but brand name is not that important

when you are just starting. If you really want to learn how to surf (and maybe even enjoy

your time in the water) you need to get at least a 7’ - 9’ board to start with. Any fat, thick

egg or longboard will work. You will get better floatation and stability with a bigger board

and learn much faster. A beginner on a 6’3" shortboard is going to have a really hard time


  • wayne

look in a surfshop that has trade in (used boards)and observe what the majority of them are…short,thin boards,many brand name. get a bigger board,you want to enjoy yourself,not struggle and not grow tired of the fight.

i love people in surf shops during the summer, walk right to the used section and pick up the smallest thruster they can find