Lower nose rocker 6'2" C blank?

I’m preparing to make my 4th 6’1" x 20.5" x 2.75" fish from this blank. I like the first three (in which I ordered the blanks with standard rocker 5" n 1.75" t and made no real attempt in shaping to deviate) from the standpoint of paddling and are quite fast while riding from the tail but they don’t trim out as well as I’d like…in fact they plow water if I attempt to put my weight slightly forward of midpoint. I’m considering ordering the next 6’2" C with one inch less nose rocker (so 4") and then taking a bit more out as I foil the board. Also, thinking about widening the tail to create more planing surface in the last two feet to further improving paddling. The swallows are only about 7.5" tip to tip on the first three I made and I was thinking about radically increasing this to about 11"…This will make the board more retro looking which is not my goal at all but performance enhancement is… Paddle and Gliiide is the goal!

Here are what my three previous attempts look like:



Hi, check out his discussion for some ideas for a good blank with a bit more thickness and a more relaxed rocker.

http://www.swaylocks.com/forum/gforum.cgi?post=149296;search_string=fish%20blank;#149296 Plenty more in the archive too

If you take this one http://www.clarkfoam.com/69a.shtm and put the template a bit further back on the blank and you should have alot less noserocker. Additional thickness in the blanks leaves you room to adjust the rocker even more. It will be more work to shape it though.

If you want a smallwave board, widen up the tail for sure.



6’9" A is the way to go.

Thanks guys…I’m gonna try the 6’9A