Lucky Lab brew...

Everyone was feeling so good I almost suspected that Gary had spiked the beer with some kind of Prozac derivative. He assures me that only natural ingredients are used in the brewing process of his world class beer. Check his website and if you’re ever in Portland, be sure to pay him a visit. I, for one, don’t underestimate the effect his generous contribution had on our little event. And sorry about those raccoons Gary!

Like I said…I’m gonna bring a gun next time. Ambrose, any recipes for racoon on the BBQ? Glad you enjoyed the beer. Gary

arcoons cook on the barbeque they are not a recipe .ingredient for the bar=B que I still believe the mess age was THE NEW STEALTH RACCOON BREW label will compliment the lucky Lab label perfectly and with it’s rich hearty flavor it will be raccoomended world wide for all recipies calling for beer.Why I’ll bet if Arnold were elected he could and would promise a racoon in every pantry Yup Stealth Raccoon 7 out of 6 chefs agree stealth raccoon beer is worth stayin up late to watch… ambrose accentuate’in the positive