M.P.'s answer to an age old question: A Path Not Taken...............

…WE all claim to be a little,if not completely outside the circle. …What is the future??? Swaylock’s has given us that future,and now this place has come to a fork in the road. …The one road I see clearly ,brightly lit,with familar sounds as to follow like children.The sounds and colors of media,advertisements,pro builders,pro riders,and the general might of the industry,like a great engine building energy with each compression of it’s pistons.This truly is the way to big sucesess.It will be as one international sound board for the creators of tomorrow,today.With this great might comes great power,wealth,fame,and glory…Also great responsiblity.I see many, but I can also see few.As the power builds the few get thinner and the many get farther.This to will have it’s,"hayday"as the ideas of people who are like minded join,and it becomes no longer a space in time we call the future.It is now a institution. ‘’‘’‘’‘’‘’''The other path,is not so clear to view… like looking thru a thick fog at first but clears for a gracious moment.No bells or whistles.The path is narrow,and is much harder to traverse.But a familar odor lingers by it,like the sounds,colors and fragrances of a pre-dawn aura of senses over tidal lands with the sun coming up and the light off shores to greet everyone in.No big industrial wheels grinding thru the marshes filled with billboard advertiser’s blitz,or the media to dictate which will be, or not to be.No jetties,seawalls or fences to tie her down.Just a natural setting for evolution to evolve.To travel the path of uncertanity is noble,grand,heroic to the few,to the many …“a pot of fool’s gold”!!!How is the future here you might ask,as we have already been… …Travel light!Herb

“WE all claim to be a little, if not completely outside the circle.” The wise man knows- The proof of those who are trapped within the circle, are their dreams of being beyond its confines. But the proof of those who live outside those same walls, is not even being aware there are any.

…Be like water. …Water is shapeless,formless, put it in a tea pot it becomes the pot,put it in a cup it becomes the cup. …Water seems weak,but it can penetrate rock. …be like the nature of water…Bruce Lee

took a guy surfing today that never went…he had skied been to Jail been to europe been to the Louve(sp) being out baby sitting this newborn 1/8 mi offshore in outer space broke the confines for this sunday , we are the box that confines…ambrose …other people were sitting next door in a pew at church

Ambros, you were also in Church. It does not take 4 walls and a bell to make a church. I think you can talk to the guy up stairs in softer words if you don’t have to yell to get through the walls and roof. Your voise will travel better if it bounces off the salt water. In fact you don’t even have to speak.

YOU GET IT I’LL SEND YOUR MERIT BADGE… ambrose…watch the ether transmission