M.R. Quad ...

hiya crew !!


well ...Colin [ my supplies guy ]  , has had this quad at his warehouse for a while now , and I FINALLY remembered to take my camera out there ...

enjoy !






 deck logo ...


bottom logo...


Looks cool!, like the tail, placement of leash plug is funny…



Colin with the beauty !!







Q's :


1)  WHAT YEAR would this have been made ?


2) WHY would someone have thrown this board out , at a council collection ? [I have the answer to THAT one, but not the first question...]

I SOOOO want to ride this !!


the pattern of the spray job reminds me of martin potter's yellow and green "the saint" twinny in the early 1980's ...

Why would you throw that out??? Please tell ben!!

...EXACTLY !! [that's what I said when he told me .


Then I looked REALLY closely at the board , to see if I could spot the really good repairs / restoration that his co-worker Wayne did to the board . Nice work , nice work , INDEED !!


  What a CRACKER of a board , eh ?!



Just realized they painted the bottom of that board. Great looking stick, can't believe the deck's in that good of shape. Hardly ridden and put away for 25 years?