Made a RedX jig - Sorry no pics...

I made a jig for the RedX boxes… After years of free handing top and bottom, I finally made it…

me a long time, and it looks like crap - 2"x2"'s one big screw in each
end, and poly glue to make it tight. My holes, I should just drilled
through the one and into the other, were a bit askew, so the boards are
just a bit out of plane, but… the good news, the inner line up came
out perfect within 1/32" and square at the bottom/board side.

realized I wouldn’t even need to put concave in it (to fit over the tail V for the center box),
as it was only @1/8" up in the air on the sides when positioned over
the center box, and the face plate of the router is 3/8" - So, once I
clamped it down… and the new 1/2" bit I bought… It came out
perfect… I got pictures on Sally’s, my beloveds, phone, but I couldn’t get them to
send to my email… classic.

I made “inserts” for the jig to do the part of the box that
goes through to the deck. It worked out perfect I just had to cut two
6"ers out of a 2"x1", which equaled the perfect 3/4" I needed to take
off each end… So, once I had the “box” section cut, I put the inserts
in and was able - one more big blessing - to cut the whole all the way
through out the deck!!! One set up per box, and no worries the boxes
fit perfectly and none of the old issues I’d have doing the deck hole
separate… often not quite lined up… more custom cutting etc… Now
I feel like a pro! Ha!

I’ll say it yet once again… as a way of motivating myself to get w/the digital age, again, and get a new camera… I tried to load the soft ware to down load pictures from my old one, on to a newer lap top, and it said, needs window 95 or 98… Ha! And then, the camera didn’t even work…

I’LL GET A CAMERA… So I can share my loves w/y’all.

Hmm - Now you can’t even edit right after you post???

Anyway - just wanted to encourage others who haven’t/don’t to consider a jig… it’s nice…

Ha! now it has an edit key…