Mahalos to Foam EZ

A big mahalo to Brad and the guys at Foam EZ. I needed a Futures Jig & Router, a Fusion Jig and a longboard jig, bought the Futures “Strong Box” jig since it can be used for Bahne as well. Brad and the guys set me up and I went out the door with all three. Brad was headed home for a week of Holidays, but stopped and made sure I got what I needed before he left. Much Mahalos Foam EZ. Lowel

I take it you bombed down to Westminster…
Foam EZ was my store, from tools to Resin…
Via the web. Good stuff attitude and service.
Eh, kinda nice to catch some supportive vibs!
It is indeed nice to be treaded like somebody

Best to yo uLowell and Merry Christmas!

I am the Bomb! I won’t be bombing I-5 this trip though. Unplowed snow. Taking the coast down this trip. Yes hope everybody had a good one. I’ve had enough snow, rain and the old lady. Going South to warmer climes. Gonna stop off in your county and rip off a few tubes this trip. Lowel