Making a 5'5 twin fin


Im am making a surfboard for my school project my general idea is to make a 5’5 twin fin im a pretty big boy so im thinking of makeing it pretty wide and fat i weight about 80kgs but i can ride my friends 5’5 fish really easy. (ANY tips would be good)  general construction?? where to start?? also what type of foam blank should i use?? 

Great! Hope you have an awesome experience and get an A! First off…start by doing your homework. Go to the archives and start reading…all of it right here for the taking. Once you do that you will have a few specific questions and will find tons of help here to answer those questions. Otherwise you will get seriously confused!

Not trying to be jerk…really…just speaking from experience. The guys on here are super great people and have a vast knowledge of the craft. Your question is far too broad and general. The responses you get will be all over the chart and all correct but not neceassarily the information you need.

Good Luck!



Also my spelling sucks!

Thanks heaps man