Making A Blank

I’m searching for information and instructions for how to make a polyurethane blank. This is is for a paddleboard in the 13-14’ range and I am fine with the end result being a big rectangular block. My glassing knowledge is limited to polyester resin (I have never used epoxy), so the blank would need to be compatible with that. An idiots guide would be much appreciated.

Hello NMAB, What I’ve seen of the blowing process for both surfboard blanks and large blocks of polyurethane seems out of reach to an amateur seeking to make a one off:- Large blocks used for slicing into insulation foam are made with concrete & steel boxes which have sides adjustable by hydraulic presses to prevent the pressure from the expanding foam being so great as to be able to burst the box. Someone else may tell you differently, but, I believe you would at least need to make your box in some pretty solid welded steel, possibly with the help of an engineer and industrial chemist! Consider finding such a block manufacturer - They use the machinery I’ve mentioned to make foam for the inside of truck and shipping containers, large coolrooms, etc. The blocks are sawn into slices, but i’ve scored large blocks of polyurethane before this slicing process, for carving sculptures:- I’m talking Car - sized blocks!

Not sure how to make a blank but if you contact Joe Bark in the South Los Angeles area he might tell you how gets blanks for his unlimited boards (15 foot plus). He has a website so search for his name on the web. Joe and Mike Eaton (San Diego) are the gurus for paddleboards. I have raced one of Joe’s boards and love it. He is real approachable and a real nice guy. Good luck with the board…that is going to one tough project- 15 feet of rail to keep straight and true…ouch!

Walker Foam is making big blocks of foam now. I don’t know their max size, but I’m pretty sure it’s at least 15’. And thiiiiiiiick.

just buy a blank from one of those guys dude dont make your own. watch barefoot adventure to see what happens when dudes try to do it themselves.

Thanks, that was the information I was looking for. I will make some calls and purchase one. Making one sounds like potential disaster!

making a paddlebaord, thats cool because I already called and talked to Joe Bark and also to Mike Eaton, they both get thier foam from a factory here in Gardena, California. (The South bay area) The foam is from a roofing company and they just call with the block size they need. Bad part is that it will have to be epoxy resin. I wanted to let you know that they were both really cool about the information and a great help. So remember thast when you become a famous shaper and a little grom walks in and asks you questions about shaping, thats what makes our sport so cool.

“Bad part is that it will have to be epoxy resin.” Maybe not so bad. Maybe even better. Give it a try.