Making a template of a favourite board

G’day Great forum you have here. I’m a first time poster and first time at having a crack at shaping a board. Wondering if anyone has advice in regards to templates. I’m gonna make a template of my current board to shape from but I want to drop it down from 7" to 6"5.Whats the best way to do this? Do I make the template the same as the current board and then cut it in half and shorten it down or is there another way.cheers




You could mark around it as is and mark the blank in 4 eaven sections nose to tail same with traced template .
Then mark the 4 sections on the blank nose to tail .
Then use the same template to carfully blend out the bumps.
Good luck with your project m8

Suggestion:   Use tempered Masonite as your template material. (12’’ x 96’’ x 1/8th inch)      Mark your target length and width.    Using the board, draw the nose and tail, then ‘‘marry’’ the two curves by eyeball.       Cut it out, and smooth it up.       You’re ready to go.

Awesome thanks Bill a much easier way than what I was thinking of doing, much easier. thanks 

Thanks hydro also a much easier way than I was going to do, I’ll have a go, cheers mate