Making a tinted resin tail-block

This is what it looks like when done (better to see it finished first, since in-the-making photos are… what would you say? “Repulsive”?)

But, in the beginning, there was just a common diamond-tail:

That was until the jig-saw psycho started doing his thing:

Then, after some careful sanding, I taped the tail with some adhesive aluminum to make a kind of mold and I poured some turquoise-tinted resin on one side of the stringer:

Then, some tangerine-tinted resin on the other side:

Re-shaping both resin blocks to match deck, bottom and rails, then glassing with 4oz cloth, hot-coating, sanding flush and finally glossing the whole board.

Oh, and, this was taken two days ago in Paris when I delivered the board to Miguel, its new owner. This photo is dedicated to Ambrose, he will understand…

(That’s Miguel’s father on the right.)

Balsa…Have I mentioned “I hate you” lately?

I really, really hate you.

With you, I am always torn between being out of my mind inspired…and just wanting to quit!

My envy grows exponentially.

(I am completely kidding about the hating you part of course)


“It’s a thin line between love and hate…”

Kidding with that, too, of course. I’m glad if you get inspired by this. I myself got inspired by this:

…and Austin/Troy work, too… And many others. That’s why this site is so great and that’s what it’s all about in the end: get inspired and do your best to inspire others.

Wow…you are right…nice stuff.

I still hate you though…LOL :wink:

Real nice. I would have a hard time (scared sh1tless) slicin’ up a perfectly good board. Real nice.

Howzit Balsa, Now you are the proud owner of a Makaiwa tee shirt, Now you have to come and ride one of the best kept secrets on Kauai. Aloha,Kokua

Hey balsa

After you have created something like that, how far into the board do you go with the 4oz to ensure stability and strength?

Do you do it like a Tail Patch(12-18" for example)? Is it more like just a couple of inches to attach it?

Or am I completely off base all together?


your courage is well noted

as the climate in paris is

in march not t-shirt comforted

as known by miguel’s dad’s

knit cap and parka.

quilted pockets are

warm to the fingers.

to sacrifice body heat

to wear the makaiwa colors

you are a more resilient

organism than I.

today it was over 70 f

and I wore two layers

of long sleeves all day

what a world…


may miguel get

a multitude of rides

on this fine board,

aloha from waipouli

makaiwa broke for 12 hrs last week,

seven of the hours were in darkness

Aloha Kokua, I hope I didn’t give away the secret to the whole world… Of course, I wish I could make it someday to your island. For the waves, of course, but just meeting you, Ambrose (again) and Robin Mair would make the trip well worthwhile.

Get better fast, Kokua. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all the time.

Hi Ambrose,

when Miguel took the picture, I had just stepped out of the car after a 500 miles drive coming from Guéthary where the temperature was quite mild (as usual) and I must confess I was a bit surprised by the 10° C difference (at least) between there and Paris… I hastily pulled a sweat-shirt on. Thus, I believe that Makaiwa was disclosed only to two or three by-passers before it got hidden and kept secret…

Aloha, my friend.

Hi Todd,

now you say you hate me and then you ask questions… Why should I answer?


Just two inches overlap into the board. Actually, pouring the resin makes it stick quite well to the foam, stringer and glass. Also notice how the cuts on the sides add strength, holding both parts of the tail-block between foam and stringer. I have already done similar set-ups (on longboards) and had no problem. When pouring resin, just use a very small amount of catalyst to avoid heat build-up and too much retractation (is that the right word?)

in street slang we might say shrink

instead of retratcion

the influence of the more primitive

languages into the english language

allowed communications to be shortened to

quick interchange .Odd though it is

the book of synonyms or alternative word choices

for writers in english is a book written by an author

with a french name I believe,

This book is a required text in college english writing classes.

The book is called Roget’s Thesaurus…go figure…

the word shrink might have twenty or maybe 50 related words

that mean the same thing…

I just looked they only had 17 synonyms

as I was loking I decided that the best word would be

the conjugation of shrink>shrinkage

yes I think to ''reduce shrinkage ‘’

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2;19 am before going to the shower

I knew the word, just didn’t remember… of course, “shrinkage”!.. Something that my dictionary wouldn’t quote, go figure…

I’m getting old and my memory fails from time to time. What’s your name, again?

BITCHIN…totally inspiring,like i said before the talent and craftsmanship that i 've seen on this web-site…is jaw droping…ALOHA

Balsa I am always inspired the work you do. That’s real pretty!

LOL!!! Nice one!

Gotcha! That makes a lot of sense. Very clever with the sides and stinger providing support. That’s cool.

I’m not brave enough yet to hack into a tial…but it is very inspiring…and having the step by step certainly makes it a little less intimidating…but only a little. :wink:



Very nice work! I am curious though… What are the advantages of adding a resin tailblock?

Strengthen the tail against cracking and chipping?

Add weight to the tail for some reason that I am unaware of?

Purely aesthetic?

Any reason to use resin over wood?

I would appreciate any insight. Thanks.

Purely aesthetic, you nailed it.

“Any reason to use resin over wood?” Well, yes: wood is way less translucent than resin. Pretty hard to find in turquoise and tangerine colors, too.

Heh, Orange and Blue are a pretty good combination around these parts. :slight_smile: