Making my own waxol

Hello again.

I have a full quarter gallon of styrene in a can.

I have several paraffin candles.

Should I melt the candle wax in a double boiler and mix it into some of the styrene? If not, how should I do this?

What would be the proportions of molten candlewax to styrene?

Thank you!

I don't think you want to be using styrene!      You'd get better results with motor oil.   ( I'm not kidding about the motor oil.)

EDIT:  Oops, I thought you meant surf wax!     BIG, BIG, difference, eh?    The motor oil was the additive used by Wax Research, in their original purple surf wax.    For those old enough to remember, it was actually pretty good stuff.

If your going to make surfacing agent, the wax ratio is about 5-10% wax to styrene.  Just grate the wax into something and stick it in the styrene.  At anything above around 65 the wax will emulsify into the styrene.  The ratios don’t have to be exact, and a bit more styrene in the resin will make it flow, and cover more effectively.  I could say more, but that’s the basics.

Oh, don’t be an idiot, and mix molten wax into the styrene, because that’s what an idiot would do.

Thanks both!

Thrailkill: I’ll be using the motor oil in one of my future runs of “cheap-bastard surfwax making”.

ghetto: I do not wish to be an idiot. I will grate the paraffin and mix it into the styrene.


Thanks again!

Was never implying that you are an idiot, just my way of reinforcing my point.  Molten paraffin and styrene monomer, well, just don’t do it that way.

(caution don't try this without guidance from a professional)

i use some old sex wax(like 30 years+ old) .

it's whats left from my old shop.

there's no scent left or much color to the wax.

i don't use it for surfing.i have other brands i like better.

so.......i stick the wax under a reading lamp for a few minutes,until it's soft........

.......then slice off some into stryene.........aggitate,and .........then i have surfacing agent.

sometimes it gets a bit yellery in color but it never effects the resin.

i also never measure the amounts,i just eyeball it.

i think grat said the % is 5-10% on the wax to stryene.

that is absolutely correct.

but that measurement is by weight,not volume!


I get my wax from the art shop it’s in pellet form real cheap and no grating needed
1 ltr to 50 grms of wax works real nice

had a bunch of that old superwax(bought it at the standard brand paint store in downey,ca. circ 1970-72).

that crap was stiffer than a day old

use to use that for my additive but it ran out a few years ago.

adapt,improvise,and overcome.