Making wood fins

I want to make a wooden fin for this oldschool kneeboard that I have been stand up riding but am not sure what the best way would be. I have made a couple before that were simple one piece plywood that I shaped and then glassed on, but this board has a fin box. do I need to do a fiberglass base for the fin, or can I shape the whole thing out of wood and just wrap it in glass?


Skeletor i’m a complete newbye but i’ve done a set of wooden fins by now using marine plywood and epoxy, FCS like, and i did them with the plug part made out of wood with cloth wrapped around, really solid.

check the archive cause it’s really filled up with good infos! :wink:;post=161630;page=1;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;mh=25;guest=910957;search_string=wooden%20fins;guest=1356749#183450

Cheers Flavio

hi Skeletor, I am basically new as well. The last board I made I made a wood fin from cherry wood to fit a box. quite a task for the box. Cherry is very hard wood and I don’t recomend it. My point is other than limits on oil in wood I think you could use about anything.

and the fin came out great and all the locals(my friends) love it and are surprised it accually fits the box.

Arcives are the way to learn,good luck

Right on Flavio Those links were exactly what I needed