Makita kp0800 shapers barrel install

Trying to install a shapers barrel into my Makita planer, but can’t figure out how to remove the pulley from the motor to remove the main cover to access the drum. I could easily stop the blade drum from spinning and get a spanner on the pulley to remove it.

Any advice or help from anyone who is familiar with removing planer drums would be much appreciated


I think you pull the whole silver part off with motor and drum all coming out at the same time.

Pete could probably help you.  Don’t know if he has been around tho.

  1. Remove motor cover and brushes.
  2. Use 2 screwdrivers and lever off the aluminum plate in photo starting from the inner cutter bearing.  Cutter and motor armature will come out attached with it.
  3. Unscrew the pulley on the cutter (already gone from photo).
  4. Using a block of wood and hammer, drive the cutter shaft inward until free. 
  5. If the bearing stayed in the housing,  use an appropriate size socket wrench to tap out.  If it's stuck on the cutter leave it.
  6. Drive in the grit drum with bearings into the aluminum housing.   Use a large socket and TAP in with hammer until the front bearing is seated.
  7. Use 2 quick-clamps to install the housing starting at the inner cutter bearing.  Tap in until fully seated with the wood and hammer going around the housing.
  8. Install housing screws, pulley, brushes, rear cover in that order.
  9. Install belt and belt cover.  Test run.  If you smell rubber burning the belt isn't on correctly.

Many of those grit barrels are wacky, and I’ve returned more than I’ve installed for various problems.  Once you have the factory cutter out, compare the spacing between the bearings of the grit drum with it (they get this wrong a lot).  It must exactly match up and the blades and grit studs should also align.  If not return it.

Here’s a diagram: