Makita KP0810 modified for shaping

Hi everyone,

Ive followed all the posts re modified Bosch and Hitachi planers, but the KP0810 caught my eye, being 1/8" in about 160 degrees. 

i thought I could improve on that, so I got on today and pulled it apart to investigate. I decided to modify the cam that slides the shoe forward. 

My solution at this stage, is a crude workaround of moulded/sanded araldite, but it works and the depth now hits max in 90 degrees or so.

im dead sure that many of you versed in composites, and with more mechanical aptitude than me could make it prettier and longer lived. 

i would like to cut a cam disk from G10 and screw/cement it to the existing plastic cam. I reckon that would do the trick.

Anyway, a new cam is like $20 delivered, so nothing lost if I want to change back I suppose.

i bogged and sanded the foot, and I might even alter the handle later down the track…

I hope this is helpful, especially to those of you in Aus. Not to many options for us it seems.


looks like you ground off the bottom of the belt cage too to get more clearance so you can mow in either direction.

     No, the opening is original to the design.

isnt that also kinda how th skill works? A sliding shoe instead of one that moves up and down?

DaveD posted a photo of his modified Makita on another thread, do what he did. Is the knob harder, looser or same after you modified the cam? There are a number of intentional friction points where the shoe contacts the plastic, and also the flat springs to tweak for smoother operation. This is a very powerful planer compared to others, a real mower. In the US, it’s also the most expensive 3-1/2" (about $225).

Hi Pete,

I’ve changed the shape of the cam since I took the photos. It is now a simple circle of about 17mm that fits nicely into the shoe. I made the cast by pushing the bottom of a posca pen into play-doh And filling with 5 min epoxy. Always nice when something laying around the house is a perfect fit!

The balls and springs have been removed, and I have sanded the shaft of the cam to fit less tightly in the body of the planer. The shaft is lubed with some candle wax.The tightness of the fit is the source of most of the friction, and it is quite comfortable now. I’ll also add a tiller handle when I find something suitable.

As a circular cam, the only potential conflict is where the top of the cam is pointing 90deg (left), but a tiny touch from a die grinder would fix that easily.

I’m pretty happy with it now, but it was really a mock up. My plan is to replace my setup with a bolt and weld the cam piece to the bottom, put a tiller handle on top etc.

This is a pricey planer in Aus too, but it is a very good solid build. For me to source an after market mod planer from the States, would be well over $500 in the end. Never mind a Skil!

Do you have a link to DaveD’s post? I can’t seem to find it.

Not sure if this is the exact thread PeteC refers to, but at least some of Dave’s mods are on this page:

 I’ve just finished the big Makita mod. 

Relocated the handle (daily straight forward with the way it’s attached), clicker removed, tiller handle. Power cable relocation with c14 socket so power can run along my vac hose, and both be disconnected. Was really happy with depth adjustment as stock. 4mm in less than 1/2 turn. We’ll see how it goes. Took off all the little annoying things like the stand at back, side blade gaurd and button to be able to pull the trigger. Plenty of power quiet and nice shoe movement. Up there as the t op planer for me, perhaps just below the shortbed accurate planer (which I still want). 



Boyes,  Nice job!  Looks like it came out of the box that way!  What did you use for the extension/attachment piece? 

Regards, Dave

Have anything planned for the exhaust port? Here is how I have my Bosch set up. I’m liking how it goes, but I’m thinking a vertical, centered exhaust for a vac hose is next.



During the process of helping PeteC develop his mods, I quickly found out the left exhaust chute was hitting my hand as I backed it back to zero. He made a great vertical chute on the opposite side. Big difference.

Would like to give that Makita a s pin around the block.

Still made in Japan.

Solid tool.


Cheers Dave.

It came out ok eh. Made the extension out of 3 bits of 20mm ply, just painted them up.

Cheers Josh B

Hi rtp,

I’ll probably just put an elbow up to my hose. I’m away from my bay for a little while so I’ll have to work out an attachment that will fit whatever vac i can get hold of.

Cheers Barry, yeah looking forward to hitting some foam. Previously I’ve just been using the cheap Black and Decker, which is actually a fairly good entry level planer that works well with no mods. 2mm in half turn, and good handle angle. But the makita should be a whole new experience. 

Josh B

Right handed only nice thing about the kp810 is its much quieteerror than the older makita planers

My modified Bosch is my quietest planer I own.

Been shaping with the makita, worked some plumbing bits and bobs into a exhaust shoot elbow onto the vacumm system. (found my shop vac on the side of the road in council clean up where people throw out awesome stuff) Im shaping away from my bay at the moment so having to coble things together. 

Had some static shocking issue to biggin with. Ran some stripped copper wire starting in the hose at the planer end. Running through most of the hose, sneaking out of the hose at a rubber coupling and then running to a metal fince post in the ground. No more shocks. (: 

So hows the planer?

Great, more power(850W 16000 no load rpm) can mow way faster. twice the cutting depth from my previous planer. So has 4mm in less than half a turn. Ergonomics of the modified handle are nice, and this thing looks great. Really solid tool. 

I’ve removed the clicker from the depth adjustment but would be good if was a little less stiff to turn, have to play around with the spring clips in the shoe.

But over great. Still want to get my hands on an Accurate Planer as well (anyone know if they do 240V model??? I tried to get in contact with them but no reply). Anyway I’d say this planer will always be in the go to planer quiver, whatever i get down the line.

Boyes, I own a long-bed Accurate and as far as I know they don’t produce any 220/240 V models. I asked for it when I bought mine since everything in France runs on 220 V, but no. Fine work you did on the Makita. (Which, by the way, is way more quiet than the Accurate).

Nice one Boyes! 

It’s a really nice planer IMO. Lots of juice.

I went a different route with the handle and power.

I’ve only profiled an xps slab so far, but I like the setup much better since I moved the handle. I loosened up the depth action by sanding a little off the shaft and coating it in candle wax, and I get the full depth in 1/4" turn. That’s worth a try, if you’ve got some spare time. If you mess it up its only a few bucks for a new cam anyway. Cheers!

Thanks guys for all the positive feedback. Really enjoying seeing other peoples mods. I’ve done the same thing loosening up the depth adjustment.

good to know balsa, maybe I’ll just get a beefy transformer for the Accurate. 

Clamsmasher, where can you get the spare cam shaft.