Malama Surf Blanks

Once upon a time there was a company producing soy surf blanks. . . they sort of fell off the map and everyone wondered where they had gone? ?? ?


Well there has been a resurrection of Soy blanks. . . They are back and better than ever! Malama Surf Blanks are made from a domestic/organic soy polyol making up 48% of the overall mixture. The other half is MDI - 98% non-carcinogenic! The complete opposite of every other surfblank on the local market which use TDI/petroleum and are most likely made in Mexico. . . oops - didn’t mean to slander the competition. Just trying to be informative.

Our foam is lighter and stronger than ever before. Some tweaking of our original formulation has brought it up to par with all other surf blanks. I understand it has a bit of a diferent color than standard white blanks. . .so paint it. Half of the boards you see in the water these days have some sort of finish paint/color.I in fact like the color of our foam glassed clear or maybe sprayed with some stencil disigns, etc. It looks retro - retro is the new new.


Some shapers out there have been not willing to adjust to the changes of using a different type of foam very well. . . but I say this. . . Shapers will make what the customer wants them to make, and if they don’t, then they will eventually loose business. So to all you surfers out there who want to try something new, and who want to be concious of your environment, i challenge you to have one board made from our foam. Don’t knock it till you try it.

Not only is our foam the most sustainable/clean foam on the market, it is also stronger than most. Its tighter cell structure provides memory, which fends off pressure dings and adds flex properties. I have been riding a soy blank for two years - it is my go to board - the deck is still in tact. almost no pressure dinging. Any other PU blank I have ever ridden will cave after three to four weeks of riding.


Visit our brand new website. . . 


Ask Ryan any questions you might have. We can get a blank to your shaper any day of the week. . . if you need a shaper we have plenty of those as well. This company and the foam was built by shapers.




Can I trade my old one for a new one?  It went weird after I had it cut so I never finished shaped it. 

Are they still being sealed before glassing?

I recommend that you state what has happened to HOMEBLOWN USA, and the connection to your outfit, because it is better to state what is, than to have endless speculation, hearsay, and rumor as illustrated in the 6 page Surfer Design Forum., "Al Merrick is leaving CI", thread of dubious value.
Homeblown's owner, Tris Cokes, and all the Great Briton crew are some of the coolest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Ned McMahon (? sp), also has my, (and many others in the USA), utmost respect.  If Ned makes a statement it will be well received here.  He should state just how improved he feels the blanks are now. 
For what it is worth, my opinion is that aside from the real problems of the past, the weight is more of a concern than the color, or having superior environmental aspects.

Where I can find this blank Malama's