Malibu,Liddle and the late 60's

Check out ( for a great article. Click on the title “Six Feet to Fit” Roger

Good tip Proneman, I enjoyed the article. Found another on that site that is a a good read as well- Moonlight Glassing- Tom S.

What a great article. Dave Lloyd has shoe boxes full of 8mm B&W’s of Steve K riding 6’ to 7’ platters that are soooooo much better than the vids in the article. I hope he has converted them to video or digital so they’re not lost. Steve and Dave pulled off the smoothest full rail-turn cutbacks I’ve ever seen.

Damn, I’d pay good money to get a VHS copy of that.

Maybe there’s a place for custom order surf film on DVD or CDROM or VHS…archival footage like this is a tremendous resource. Doesn’t need to be some full-on production or even surf-porn grinders…let it run and put your own music on. Convert it once, run copies off the master when somebody orders it. Can’t get rich off it, maybe break even…

We’d have to wait until Dave found a projector…get in the proper frame of mind…put on the John Barleycorn album and feast for about an hour…Real magic times. Wish I had a time machine.

Steve is working on a film.