Mandala Fish Festival

Big thanks to Manny Caro(Mandala Surfboards) for hosting all of us at Pacifica Sunday. The sun was out and the wind was straight offshore. There were tons of boards both vintage and new to ride, good food, good company, good surf(2’ to 4’ with a few bigger), a fire on the beach. A classic day. We stayed till way after dark. The Mandala boards are beautiful Thanks again Manny!

word to that, steiny. the forces of nature responded to the effort with beautiful weather, a soft offshore,and fun waves. it was great to learn of so many likes minds in the east bay, as well. nice impromptu surf shack! thanks, manny. j.j.

BIG THANKS to everyone who came out and and shared their boards, stories, and smiles this last sunday! i had so much fun my cheeks still hurt from smiling. good weather, good surf, good people — a day to remember for sure. special thanks to uncle steiny and the SC fish posse–the board pile at lindy has never been more eclectic and open-minded. (paul - you can ride the 5’6" red quad anytime you want. tyler - way to charge the north end rip on the tiny sky-blue pavel quad.) let me know if you guys want to do a little trade for the CON–i’ll trade for a week if you’re down… brian — thanks for coming down from bodega bay with your friends and boards. thank the guy with the jimi hendrix fish for bringing down the van de camp’s breaded fish sticks, nice touch for the fish fest. thanks to everyone who brought their mandala fishes and their friends, your boards completed the circle. and extra special thanks to andrew, amy, eric & crew for helping with the clean-up. i owe you guys a pint. until the next fish fest >>> manolo p.s. anyone who wants a link to the photos from the fish fest, email me and i’ll send it out > mc

The Fish Fest was fun and I only popped in and out a few times to chat to folks…those lefts were calling at the PM low tide at boat house. Nice boards Manolo, really and a good group. Its so nice to see interesting shapes in a potato chip world. Not sure why other shapers don’t offer to demo their boards to people more often… The Dewey Weber shop is the only other bunch besides yourself that allows people to (horror, upon horrors!) try the thing out before they buy… P.S. Not sure who he is but the guy on that Hendrix Hindu Voodoo board can be on my team any day! Kelp Log Guy