Many Thanks To The Swaylocks Community!!!

I just wanted to say thanks to the Swaylocks community.  20 years ago I got into boardbuilding.  Back then there was no internet and no swaylocks.  I learned what I learned back then by trial and error......mostly by error.  Back then I got to a point where I could produce a usable board but nowhere close to professional results. 

I took a 13 year break from boardbuilding as children came along and with a career it was just easier to go buy my boards off the rack.

I began lurking here on Swaylocks about 2 years ago and my intrest in building boards again began to grow.  I have spent countless hours on this site reading build threads and researching building methods.  A few weeks ago I pulled the trigger and ordered four blanks and everything needed to complete them.  I have just completed my first board in many years today.  Its a 5'6 for my 10 year old son who is beginning to progress beyond just standing up and going strait. 

Thanks to Swaylocks I was able to produce a board on my first try that would stand out if I were to place it in a shop for sale.  I am amazed with the professional results I was able to produce thanks to those of you who have revealed the seacrets of building quality surfboards.

I think this picture and the smiles on my three kids faces says it all.  Thank all of you who make this site great and the amazing board building resource that it is.


right on Mako!

i too am greatly indebted to the Swaylocks community. the only way i can even think to begin to pay it back

is to pay it forward. it looks like you're doing just that...

i hope that when my daughter gets old enough, she will want to "play" with Dad. whether in the water or in the shop.

board looks really good by the way.

Hey dem kids the color of dem Tellie-Tubbies...Tinky Winky or is dat Poe.



Nice work!

hey mako224-

your kids look stoked! possibly the next kelly down there in the green?  now you’ll have to make them boards for the rest of their lives.

sweeeeeet i wish my parents did that.

Yeah - You'd better get busy.  The other two have that gleam in their eyes!

All three of them can stand up on a board, even my 4 year old.  I plan on making them many boards in the future.  I have one more kids board planned before spring.  By the way that's a vintage Greg Loher Fox Surfboard my son is carrying in the picture below and riding in the video.  That board is from about 1984 and is in like new condition.