market update

I just clicked on a n


and get this action

YOU yes yoou


get a

6’6 barney…

for the published price of…

4hundret ant forty noine dollars?


thats a hundret derrlers off maybe more

and yous grt yer free deck pad!!!

the way of the world is at hand.

god bless the po lil surph rats.

may they find a good ol board in a dumpster.


or a block plane in their christmas stocking

they overlooked december 25

This just in from Wall Street:


They’re checking the evidence, may be some charges pressed

The only one they’ve got me on is some misdemeanor craziness

Never wanted to be a part of history

I have my days in the sun, a beach bum, a man for all seasides

Guidance counselor said, "Your scores are anti-heroic.

Computer recommends: hard-drinking calypso poet."

Studied the life at sea, studied the life in bars

   Never passed my SATs, so I thought I'd study extra hard</span></span> 

Damn…just found some rusty keys in the corner…wonder if they work on these locks? Hmmm