Massachusetts & RI Bodyboarders?

I’m guess I’m trying to start a bodyboarding group. I live in a Boston 'burb. I usually bodyboard at Second Beach in RI or the National Seashore beaches on the Cape. Anyone interested? I’m just looking to meet people to bodyboard with.

Kinda interesting how there have been 449 views of this posting but no replies. No bodyboarders around ?

Well dude, this is a SURFING fourm…Mabe there’s a sponging fourm out there for you…or beter yet, toss the sponge and shape a surfboard!



I am an active surfer, body and boogie boarder depending on conditions and my attidude, I am also from MA, I scuba dive and surf the south shore. I just like being in and on the water in some manner.

Lets see- in this neck of the woods we got kneelos, paipo guys, bodysurfers… just the bodyboarders are a little thinly represented on Swaylocks, is all…