Master Craftsman Gene Cooper Build - Buzzy Trent inspired



Nice video.

That board is really something special.

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Amazing board!  Are they going to auction them off?

In the early 1960’s, a favorite center stringer of Buzzy, consisted of three 3/4th inch Redwoods glued as a bundle.     The board pictured with Violet appears to have that, as well as two offset stringers.     Typical glassing schedule of the period, was two layers of 10 oz Volan top and bottom, with a two or three inch cut lap.      Board strength  and durability were in the forefront of board construction.       Surfboards in those pre leash days, had to withstand being loose in the impact zone, as well as rough water trips to the beach.     Big wave surfers in those earlier years were real watermen,  powerful swimmers and divers, comfortable in extreme water conditions.     There are still some around today (Laird, for example), but not near as many as 50 years ago.       The leash has changed the lineup for the worse.

That board just exudes soul and purpose, what a superb merge of vision and skill. 

yea, yesterdays watermen surfed, dove for bug and abs, shot fish, built boats, were highly self reliant.  Most of those opportunities now faded, former verdant inshore waters now a highly regulated desert

Still, some studs out there surfing waves today on a scale only imagined decades back, the Mark Healy’s and Shane Dorians riding immense beasts, diving and hunting, them and others finding seams in todays narrower confines to live a watermans lifestyle

generations from different times with different opportunities, all with the same DNA, all swinging a big pair…

Gene says that he got 14 pounds of weight out out of her in chambering.



      Buzzy’s preferred board length varied from 11’ 0’’ to 11’’ 2’', with a board weight of 40 to 42 pounds.      This not only from my observation and handling of his boards, but from his comments during our discussions of board design, waves, and various big wave surfing experiences.

I love this post!

Buzzy was my hero!

And indeed Ivan did inherit some rather large Huevos.


upon entering the Basilica,st.Buzzy,

first imerse your palm in the large

sistern of waimea bay water

drench yourself ,and genuflect

touching one knee to the sandy floor.

nothing like a big hunking stringer

to take 14 lbs outa the mass

might mean sacrificing weight

and not making the required 40 .

Pounds finished weight that is

not to be confused with a

demonstrative serving of beer.

A fourty pound board

can iron out a lotta chop

that a 26 # board can not.

aloha from waipouli


glass it with isothalic resin

(marine?) for the bitchin green

that will turn that bitchin brown

like an old yater…

had the time to watch the video

and then all the videos

then saw that dr cooper used tow foam and 

repacked chambers with orange foam 

wow! weight loss? 14lbs of stringer offset by tow foam

then reset by orange foam…? what was the finished weight?

master craft project kudos … who’s riding it today?