master shaper DVD........ terrible quality!

I just got the master shaper DVD for the second time.( first time it would not play, and sent it back + 8.95 for shipping it.) I just recieved another copy and this one is worse than the other one. The guys at damascus said they got a bad batch of dvd’s. just wondering if anyone else has had problems like this? Now it’s going to cost another 8.95 to ship it back. That’s almost a hundred bucks for a damn dvd. not good business on there end.

Just wait. They may have a bad batch and your current DVD is terrible. But inside the knowledge shared is priceless. Just be patient. Everyone else is waiting for the Master Glassing Series. Rob Olliges

Can some one post where to find the DVD?

im not really sure what problems youre having, but i ran in to some difficulties too. the problem with mine was that it wouldnt play in an older model dvd player (if there is such a thing). im guessing by the production and label that it is writeable dvd- in which case it wont play. also- the dvd label is just a sticker- and its thick- the dvd got the wobbles in my laptop so i had to peel and scrub the label off. BUT, with all the associated, it is worth its weight in gold. literally. maybe even more. its worth sending back, shipping, repurchasing, shipping, etc… and then some. its that good. its like watching jordan play basketball im going to pull my head out of jims ass now johnO

I’ve got the same problems. It wouldn’t play in 4 DVD players, 2 regular DVD players, 1 playstation and 1 computer. I just mailed it back this week and am awaiting a new one. I actually had the same problem though with the Siestas Olas DVD as it wouldn’t play on my DVD player because it was a DVD-R. I understand the frustration, but such is life.

If they are just DVD-Rs and not pressed DVDS why the heck are they 75.00??? a RW dvd is only like .50 say 1-2 for the case and liner. thats 2.50 tops right? I agree that the video is great but man… Why not press a regular run instead of wasteing all the time and money on bad DVDs and what about QC, if you are burning them then why not test them before they go out.

i guess we can only hope that jim is getting $74.50 for each one.

I had the same problem, wouldn’t play right. Sent it back and got a new one but had the same problem. I asked for my replacement to be a Video but was sent another bad DVD. It will play in one of my dvd players but has glitchy spots. For this price it shouldn’t have these problems… a pirate version could of given me this quality. Chris

I would just like to put in my 2-cent here. I love Jim and his knowledge and the first video was great “VHS”, not DVD. This company got’s some major problems. The glassing video was suppose to be out last year in January, at least that’s what they had on their site. I would love to get a copy of the video, and i know for a fact that they have some rough copies. Someone needs to either light a fire under thier butts, or put the boot to their *ss. I have a blank, that’s been shaped, and ready to go for over a year now. Sitting in my room, waiting on this video, and don’t come on here saying all the info is on this site, because i would like to see on the tricks of the trade. I’ve been waiting for this video to do this special board for my brother, just to see what might be on the video, LET GO, get the video out already. When they do get it out, i hope they atleast run a special since they been taking so long. Ok, lets here people flame me now, I’m sure they will see this and come up with some story like before. It’s in GA and were waiting to go down there, or we moved our shop and still haven’t unpacked, or the weather is to bad to goto the office.

Well, working in the creative field perhaps I’ve got some sympathy. They are obviously not a huge studio or else there wouldn’t be these issues. I have to shake my head to people that speak of the lack of information on the subject then gripe about the few products out there. I had problems, but it happens and it wasn’t done intentionally. 74 bucks for the amount of information seems fair to me as if you compare it to a textbook you’d pay twice that (Photo history books just cost me 330 bucks for 2). The glassing DVD will come out eventually and I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait. Call me an optimist but patience is a virtue and a little tolerance goes a long way.

Screw the dvd’s the vhs works fine,can’t wait to get the glassing video.

Mine won’t play in my DVD player either, only on my laptop. While the content is top notch, for the pricetag I was bummed that it was a DVD-R.

Some comments have been made about Jim. I personaly don’t know Jim but i have seen his work in the raw shaped blank and he is a true Master Shaper and should be respected as one. The problems with the DVDs is not of his doing. The people who made the movie are. I Just hope they stand behind it as I know Jim does to…For you and a Master shaper who shares his craft with all who ask here on swaylocks… Share a good one… Rob

If your stationary DVD player won’t play DVD-Rs, then bring the DVD player back, because that sucks! regards, Håvard

So how the fuck much does it cost to go to a technical school?

Hey I’ve returned my DVD twice, the guys don’t have any problem issuing a new copy. My new copy still has some problem, but even with the little glitches I have learned more from Jim. This video will help you get to that really clean shape faster. You can go through 50 blanks, or you can start making good shapes after a few boards. Whats that worth?

I got a full refund but I had to talk like a lawyer.

Easy now…big breath. You’re missing the whole point. Charge $3000 for the video if you want, the price isn’t the issue in any of the posts here. It’s simple: if you buy a product you should expect the product to work. That’s all. We buy your product, can’t watch it, and you cuss at us. Do tech schools offer PR classes?

made in the good old USA. Not made in China, or Thailand.