Mat Limitations

Is there a point where the wave becomes too steep for a mat? Would I be able to make the drop at Wedge or should I stick to bodysurfing it?

mat it -i think a mat has untold gears and the ability to surf whatever comes it’s way(at least if y know how to ride one, which i really don’t) but i know i feel comfortable with it so far.first day out on mine was a 6-8’ pumpin’ day at a point-quite fun actually…

you’re only limited by your imagination

You can’t ask mat riders,… they’re full of hot air…get it?

That was pretty lame!!

i know someone who mats it up at the wedge. go get your mat on yo!!!

Mats were surfed at the Wedge decades ago. They have successfully ridden some of the world’s most dangerous, dredging waves, such as Shark Island, Australia.

Two of the differences between body and mat surfing are that mats can catch waves/swells earlier, and they’re much faster over a wide range of waves and surface conditons.

Surf mats are currently riding waves in Hawaii, on the West, East and Gulf coasts of the U.S., Australia, Hawaii, Japan, Tasmania, The Netherlands, England, France, Indonesia, the Phillipines, South Africa, British Columbia, Mozambique, Morrocco, Mexico, Costa Rica, etc.

Assuming the rider is competant… once a drop is made, surf mats can hold extremely fast, high trim lines through long sections… often cruising along ABOVE vertical. Gliding like a sea bird.

Decisions, decisions… to mat surf or body surf the Wedge?

Why not enjoy both?

James Sowell at the Wedge - Photos courtesy of Ron Romanosky


where do i begin, i know for a fact any wave can be ridden with…anything. back in the late 70’s or early 80’s woody woodworth and crew would take off on BIG wedge peaks…not just the sidewave, it also broke better then; but yes the mat can ride a wedge peak and like any other medium (body or mat or whatever)…a better shaped wave will allow the mat rider or bodysurfer to perform better and make the wave…shape is really important despite how steep or mushy or whatever…so its the wave that really offers the limitations not the medium, get a neumatic and you’ll never look back…well unless you really love bodysurfing, and then - like me -you’ll share time!

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Dang. These mat threads are driven me nuts. I can’t wait for my new mat. Daaalllllle. Hurry please. Saw a guy on one of Dale’s mats at the beach two weeks ago. Trying to figure it out with big S–t eaten grin on his face. He let me give it a try. I didn’t have fins and could barely get on it. Going to be a really fun challenge. He was turned on to it from none other than … Brother Ambrose. mike

what do u mean too steep?

nothin tooo steep

hope the pontoon on edge attachment works this time



How long is the wait time for a mat nowadays?

My orders extend out 3+ months, but there are occasional gaps that allow 1 to 3 orders to be completed and shipped sooner than planned. I have a varied schedule, dividing most of my work between shop and home… 6 to 7 days a

week, sometimes up to 16 hours a day.

Speaking of mats, I just got one (a cheapo), I’ve never seen one ridden. Tried it in a sloppy 2ft day and when i’m paddling the flippers seem to be out of the water most of the time, do you paddle them from further back and then try to get up the front as you take off.

It might be a stupid question but its the first time I’ve tried fins.

Greg Deets… same medium, different vehicles.

Photo courtesy of Scott Young

I’m saving this one. Nice shots

the internet is such a time bandit…

the air in the mat is never hotter than ambient body temperature*

letting a little air out gets yer kick down deeper in the water as well as sliding back a little

If you cant ride a given wave type on yer mat it’s not necessarily the mat’s fault mebe the pilot needs more air time before appling for the solo licence

I have personally kooked out on all kinds o’ waves, on all kinds of boards

the harder the ? is to ride the better the surfer I become when mastering it

easy to ride equiptment makes for bloated eagles,best suited for taxidermy

se Madam Trousands wax museum for lifelike surf stars amd media Icons

to mat is to mat is to mat,and george said Nat left and he missed it

…ambrose… I never met the guy but I listen to most everthing he says…second hand is ok push the envelope

leaving mat in direct sun is not acceptable behavior and punishable by proxy

Nat’s mat and that’s that

I am a shorebreak junky and have always wanted a mat (or to try one first) i would be so scarred though that constant close outs would make me blow a hole or the seams from the pressure. I know that you make quality equipment Dale, but how long can you expect a mat to last under abuse before it starts to need patches or loose strength.


Dang. These mat threads are driven me nuts. I can’t wait for my new mat. Daaalllllle. Hurry please. mike

Heh… you and me both. Oh, Dale? [waves at Dale]