Matte finishes

Hi; I am looking for opinions on the finishes that you see in some type of boards. I remember some 15 years ago all those HP boards with the 400 grit “parallel” sand finish gloss

but I do not think that several boards that I have been seeing lately sport that kind of grit finish.

Looks like the polisher rub out the gloss then the desired part is sanded with a 3M sponge? because I do not see those parallel marks more like swirls and completelly matte.



Wet sand to 320, then Scotchbrite pad maroon (fine) or grey (ultrafine).  That’s what I do.

Just my 2c…

well; 320 is what most of the crew use to start polishing the gloss so then a fine pad cannot get rid of the 320 marks.

You mention maroon but I think that you are referring to the Purple one that seems like 500 grit

Scotch Brite Chart

Marroon = 360-400

That’s cool Stoney!  Never had seen that chart.  Good info.  Mahalo

…however; I have here two or at least one 3M pad that are not there. One is the Purple but I accept that for some colour blind persons Maroon in could be Purple but Also they sell the Green one that is a coarser grit. I have it but I never used it for this application.

What I obtained with the supposed maroon/purple is: after 320 cannot let a nice finish; then if you use it like in many shops after the gloss polish I obtain a matte finish but somewhat bright yet not like those boards mentioned.

I buy the cheap coarse Green ones and use them for a variety of things.  Cleaning paint buckets, getting adhesive off surfboard left by traction pads and washing dishes.  By the time you’ve scrubbed your cast iron skillet with it a few hundred times, they are nice and soft.  Not as coarse.  I use the Grey pads for burnishing wipe on finish.(ie “Secret Sauce”).  Indasa also makes the Grey and Maroon pads.  As good or better and cheaper than 3M.