may 12 observation

swimming this morning

within a speedo and goggles

amongst the fish at lydgate

my body hair sweeping like seaweed

the passing whim of water surge…

moving the river litter on the sand bottom

sweeping articulated strokes

gliding across calm water


being observed while observing

whadda deal

flying breatholder amongst waterbreathers

elevated above terra firma

by the benevolent hydrosphere



the driftwood tells a story

slashed by container ship propellers

bruised from going over snoqualmie falls

chiseled by beaver

swell building wave by wave

so i switch to the mat

i love the way it sticks to my wetsuit

no hood or gloves, just a 4,3 and booties

and googles to watch the baitfish and the bottom

i have got to learn to nail the first turn

if i ride all the way down to the bottom

then i have trouble getting back up the wave

the only mask that works is brightly colored

benevolent leaving of el SOUP

preping to glass ,

discerning that the cartriges I bought dont fit is sobering

the music practice next door shuts down my glassing goals

paddled from home creek to lydgate park

the 12’ers and paddles this morning

waited for fireman friend to get off at 7

BIGGER waves than expected and crazy disorganized swell

no standing up w/ the paddlesuns out and the wind is chrispy fresh

79 is a comfortable trunks andt- shirt day

who needs shoes

nice piece o’ wood on the beach

the plumerias are pumping flowers

the new growth on the mango trees

maybe early set ripening by mid june …

late set mangos likely in august

I salivate

art show set-up

dominates the days activities

there could be a south swell


very nice sunday evening read…had to show that to the wife…we both swim in the ocean…thanks for the smiles