McCoy (and Surftech copy) advice please

Since I have read numerous comments about McCoys, real and otherwise, I would like some advise from those who ride these boards or have ridden them. I cannot afford “the real McCoy” nor can I afford multiple boards. I have a 6’7", 7’6", and 10’, but the two shorter boards are now being used by two more sons who have taken up surfing. It’s great that I have three kids who love to surf with their dad but I am forced to use only the 10’. Thinking of selling the 10’ and buying the Surftech version of McCoy’s board, but would love to have some feedback on the 6’6" v.s. the 7’0". I love the idea of catching waves with the longboards but turning with the shortboards. At least so I’ve read by those who own the 7’11". At 160lbs., a year of surfing under my belt, and also trying to keep up with my 15 year old who surfs both long and short but mostly shortboards, what would be the advise. How would these two boards differ with my weight. I appreciate both short and long but tend towards hybrids. I have to sell my longboard to get another board. Since this board will be used in all conditions I would really really really appreciate any and all advise from those who are more knowledgeable and more experienced.

there’s a general rule with real mccoy nuggets that Rohan and Solo can confirm

but go as short as you can and keep you foot on the tail

they are very much high performance boards not cruisers to most peoples amazemet from their looks.

McCoy’s loaded dome technology like Griffin’s 5-fin concept is another prime example of how in a head to head battle proper design is more important than pure technology…nuff said

Oh yeah his gull wings are pretty damn good fins to go with his loaded dome I’d so single if you go bigger.

Other than that

watch alot of footage of Cheyne in action his style will tell you what to do on a nugget.

I own a real Mc coy 6"6" nugget which I bought from Solo and it is definitely not a egg/funshape as it really likes to be ridden in the pocket with the back foot planted on the back. Also the “horseman stance” as seen in some Cheyne footage can confirm how it should be ridden. Although it was shaped by Damien Rogers , its still a real Mccoy. Also own a 5’10 modern zap that was real difficult to get use to at first but I am ok with now.

If you get a real Mccoy and pay the bucks, you can sell the other two boards. A small quiver cost about the same anyway and unless your need a very specialized board such as a gun or tow in board, the nugget can replace more than a couple of boards. Including a longboard if you mostly ride a longboard for wave catching instead of the feel. Get the real thing, not the popout if you can help it. They do not ride the same. The Horans ride better than the surftech Mccoys. Nothing else like a real Mccoy though…they are unique to Geoff. If you must buy a surftech, I think the 8’2’’ and the 7’6’’ look the best…cough…choke…hack…gurgle…spit.

Consider the Ricky Carroll-shaped version of the loaded dome. Solosurfer here can hook you up with one. It will cost you even less than a Surftech but will be hand-shaped by one of the east coast’s best. (Also, keep the 10-er or you’ll miss it.) Alternatively, patiently look for a used Surftech Nugget. I saw a used one in a shop this summer in MD for $250. I saw two used ones in two searate shops in FL last year for around $375. Get the 7’11" Surftech because that is the shortest version that comes as a single fin. (Though I also have the 7’ ST Nugget in a tri (as well as a few shaped by Geoff) and love it.)

The real McCoy…speaks for itself…if you have been surfing a year…i would get the 8`…try 6 and 7…if you miss waves or dont get past your first or second turn…the board is 2 small…anyone who has a McCoy will tell you they get better with age…Ricky Carroll makes my models in the US that are styled and designed from the same formula…EASY TO RIDE…forgiving surfboards

As one who bought the ST version while I waited for McCoy to complete the real deal and get it to Solosurfer for me, I’d suggest you purchase one of the clone-types mentioned in other posts. The ST was “OK”, but was history soon after the real McCoy arrived.

Hi Cheyne…catch one for us Florida boys while your over there.

Whats up Laconic and BMG…we still need to get that surf we have been planning so I can work off the extra post Hurricane weight instead of having to drink cabagge soup for a month.

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