Mccoy nugget

Hi, Im wanting to shape a board resembling a Mccoy nugget. I have checked the archives and found a fair bit of information, but now have a couple of unansawed questions bouncing around in my head.

Ok nuggets are wide and thick, and the loaded dome as I understand it basically gives you control by lifting the front of the board and the low pressure water flow near the back gives you maneuverability, along with the predictability of a v bottom…

You need soft rails to cope with the width and smooth things out a bit.

My main head scratching is where do you position the dome? I read that it should go mid point between your front and back foot, the reason for this is that it creates a pivot point.

But why have a pivot point here? Surely a board pivots around the fins? I suppose that with tri fin surfing because you surf rail to rail maybe the pivot point is more between your legs but with a single fin the pivot has to be the centre of the fin? What would happen if I placed the peak of the dome very far back on a single fined board? Im guessing it would make the board unstable but the pivot would be in a better place.

Is this whole pivot thing not so important and the main reason of the dome is to control the crazy ass tails on these things.

in australia they have test ride ays from time to time.

If I see a design I like I go up to the person and ask to have a look.

Hi Ned,

the dome is so subtle and blended that you can hardly see it when you look at a Nugget. My limited understanding is that the dome is positioned between front and rear foot positions so you can easily “pivot” the board longitudinally from front to rear foot weighting as needed - not a true turning sort of pivot point that you are talking about. But I have been known to be wrong about many things.



Just had a great session at the superbank on my nugget this morning its 6’4"x201/2"x3. Tip dont skimp on the thickness, even with that big wide ass they aint as loose as you might think.

Keep on truckin