McTavish Article - The Journal

Does anyone have an idea what the measurements of the 6’6 with tail feathers could be by looking at the picture of Mctavish’ quiver of boards in the surfers journal.

Michael, I also posted a question earlier about that board. He has some very interesting things to say about it even though the article is confusing at times. You may know this already but the only dimension I could get out of that section was that the board is 6’6" and (the more provactive aspect) he shaped it out of a windsurfing blank so he said it is about 3 1/4" thick! I would love to shape a board like that- a rocket cork.

It reminds alot of the kingfish, a fabulous shape. And since he shapes for McTavish at ET’s, he’s gone to OZ a few times to share ideas with the McTavish folks. There’s alot of cross-pollination of ideas going on, I think. Gumby’s a fantastic shaper, and all 'round great guy.