meanwhile , in vicco ....

tom carroll, with a simon anderson 4 finner…

and …

my nephew , eli, now has a new fish … [ shaped by vicco kneelo shaper , the appropriately named NEIL Luke !!! ] …

look closely …

…and , the keels…

[anticipating questions…

im confused. are the shots related somehow?

also, use your flash!

get rid of those nasty bags from around tom’s eyes…

good lord man, your a photog!

just kidding. …

i like the scoop deck thingy… how does it perform?

quad fin set ups have really made a comeback. i think its because when they first came around, they didnt really suit the older shapes. they seem to perform way better on the modern shapes… i think anyway…

Yes Chip,

You’ve gone made Sir Thomas look rather dwarfen next to that quad fin…surely the least you could do is supply him with a milk-crate in order to maintain the upkeep of his huge stature in our minds!!!

No really, its cool…

And the green fish has lovely chines…


chip, the coast behind Eli, that’s in Vic too? Wish we had even that much swell to play on right now.

Hey Chip

It looks like that fresh fish has a concave bottom, is that correct.


Is it just chines? Or concave within chines? Hard to tell without seeing it in person I guess.

Nice board though!

yes , chines

yes , it’s all vicco

yes perth is flat like kylie BEFORE the implants …toby , check this out for more eastern spew factor [you’ll spew at their good waves , i mean …]

yes tom is short [hence nick’sname] 'gobbo [short for goblin

yes green fish

and green eggs





Thanks Chipper… nice pics

  • Love the Chines on that fish

  • Love the keels

Any chance of an indication on how it goes?

Great board for a Vicco Summer :slight_smile: