Measure of foam (txfoam project)

Hello i´m working in a project that consist in the research and the development of a ecological foam,, now I have some samples and I would like to preshape 3 foams to make 3 boards, i´m thinking in a retro fish (5´8 20 ¼´´ 2 5/8´´) a fish (5´10´´ 18 ¼´´ 2 ½´´) and a minimalibu (7´6´´ 22´´ 25/8´´). I can´t modify the length measures but the others yes.

I have some doubts, are good measures for the first 3boards to test? And if the measures are good, I would like to have the measure of the rocker and the volume that I need to make the board.

Thanks in advance and I apologize for my English.

If you are interested in measuring volume, suggest you download and use Akushaper. It’s easy to learn, it’s free, and other users have posted their shapes to this forum.

Havaard also introduced BoardCad a little while ago, which I have not yet used.

Look forward to hearing more of you foam.

Thanks Charlie, i have been playing with the programs and i have a good idea of the volume that i´m going to put in the boards, I haven´t decided yet but i know more or less. I will write in this forum when i have the boards finished.