Measured the rocker on my noserider...

Measured the rocker on my noserider and was suprised to find the nose with a lot more rocker than i original thought. In the water the board always looked like it was broken because on the exagerated kick in the tail and the nose being mostly flat. I meaured with a level and a straight piece of square bar and was suprised to find a 4.5 kick in the tail and 4 in the nose. 

My next board I planned on doing 4.5 in the tail with most of the kick happening in the last 18" of the board. How gradual should the rocker be before making that kick to end up at 4.5 rocker in the tail?

Here’s what I got off my board:

1" rocker 25 3/4" from the tail 

2" rocker 14" from the tail

3" rocker 6 3/4 from the tail 

4" rocker 1 7/8" from the tail   


measuring rocker is not a simple task, see photo…

(yeah, Barry S.)

more excepted to measure by the foot.

i.e. tail to center @ 12"

and nose to center @ 12"

To provide propective of said rocker…