measurements for an egg

I’m planing to make a egg for a friend, taht’ll be my #3 board!

He wants something around 7’0" but i dont know the nose and tail width, rocker and thickness .

I’m thinking to go with 7’0" x 17 13/16 x 21 x 14 x 2 5/8 with a concave nose litlle V on tail…

What do you think??

Thank you all very much

Rounded pin egg? Diamond tail egg?

For some reason, 20.5" has always seemed to be a magical “egg” width for me. Keep the rocker minimal, and the board will glide like butter.

It’ll be a rounded pin tail egg…

20.5"?and the nose and tail??

If you’re going to go with a rounded pintail on the egg I’d recomend leaving lots of volume in the tail. I finnished a similar board recently and have found that the tail didn’t have enough foam in it. If the waves are small it kind of bogs down. Yes keep it flat for the glide. That’s what i did and it paddels great. You may want to think about adding a little nose kick to help with the drops. Something else i wish I would have done. Just my 2cents

The nose and tail dimensions really depend on the waves and what the rider is looking for (the egg has many incarnations). I’d pull the nose in a bit for steeper waves (15-16.5, racier shape) and keep the tail around 14.5 with some vee. If the rider is looking for something different to ride under longboard conditions (mini-mal style egg), I would widen nose, tail and width, and add concave to the bottom, depending on fin setup.

My buddy rides his round pin egg as a 2+1 at OBSF, and it holds in really well on medium size days. It’s in the archives under:

The 7’3"B should give you a good starting point for the rocker.

what type of wave will your friend be riding???this willl determine rocker and outline dimensions. for some further input/ideas go to may find some good input there…

I agree with Retrosexual. The single fin egg has many phenotypes.

I personally would go with the pulled in style egg, which is more similar to a 70’s shortboard than an egg that is like a mini longboard. The reason, being versatility. Both will have good trim in the pocket and adequate glide, but the first will shine in larger, shiftier conditions. A mini longboard egg will dog.


… with a concave nose

don’t let the concave come all the way out to the rail through the front 1/3…

wide noses have a lot of rail-outline

…you don’t want your bottom shape to add to the ‘catch-factor’

softly, softly