Melborne Beach, Florida Glass Factories

Anyone know of any glass shops or manufacturers in the Melborne area? McDing

glass it yourself…you can buy whatever you need at Fiberglass Florida or Atlantic Surf Materials

Lp Glass







I think that’s it.

no theres another one but i cant think of it.

Kechele and Davoglss


Is there a particular shop in the Melbourne area that you would recommend for getting a resin tint glass job?


hey greg does GAK use your epoxy a lot? my friend has one of glen’s boards, it must be a few years old, and there is a resin research lam on the tail.

For polyester resin tint stuff, RC’s is probably doing more of those than anyone there. Many of those guys don’t do that kind of work at all. Today half those shops do nearly all epoxy while half do nearly all poly. Everyone uses some epoxy now but if your looking for epoxy tints than Davo’s your man.

GAK does use our stuff… for many years. He makes some incredible boards. Get’s stuff real light and strong.

RC’s did a great job on my new Pat O’hare fishy, red resin (PE) tint with a black pin.

Does anyone have a contact number for RC’s? I tried looking them up online but can’t seem to find anything. Thanks


Thanks everyone for the replies. The list will be helpful in the future. When and IF East meets “old school West”. McDing