Merv Larson

Hi all, Im hoping to pick ther brains of your considerably open minded and knowledgable surf riders about Merv’s “SurfSkis”.


After stuying the widely available “Futurist” (that everyone MUST see) and scaling off what he’;s riding Id say his ski is about 8 foot by 24" and four inches thick with sharp rail from seat back. However, some of you will know more, much more!


Thanks for any nuggets.



Merv achieved status at Rincon because he was willing to paddle out on those bigger days.  Likewise Greenough did the same.  But that doesn’t mean that a Quality “Surf” spot like Rincon should be cluttered up with Stand-up paddle boards and Boogie Boards.  There’s a world of difference between Merv Larson and Greenoughs abilities compared to the “Costco dogs”.  .  Steve Boehne has been making these for years and is always refining the design.  The most important aspects are a low center of gravity (not sitting on top of the board) and that the wide point+ fins are located under the seat.  They are a lot of fun until you get rolled over and try and right yourself while strapped in.