Mexico Board

I am traveling to Mexico during spring break (end of Feb. to begining of March) and i was wondering what kind of travel board should i have my friend make me. I already am bringing my 6’4" retro fish as well as my 6’6" thruster. Any ideas?..Im 6’2" 180 and i surf quite a bit, so i can handle a lot of boards.

i would bring something to tackle those bigger waves you are going to come across. i went on a surf trip last year for spring break and got under gunned for one sesion and that sucked. i was gettiny my @$$ handed to me wave after wave on double over head waves.

i would bring a 6’8 to 7’4 rounded pin or pin tail.

Hey RightCoastSrf,

are you going to Mainland Mexico, or Baja California?

The surf varies so much. What is the region?

7’6" semi gun… round pin tail…

7’ Lopez style single fin. good in big waves, fun in small waves and a good variety change from fish and thruster.

I am going to be staying in Puerto Vallarta…So, mainland mexico. I am hoping to take a trip to Escondido if the waves are on.

if you are going to hit puerto your definetly going to want a bigger board. and have it glassed heavy becasue that place eats boards for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

When compared to Puerto Escondido, Vallarta (Sayulita) is much more mellow. Plenty of good reef breaks and points. That’s quite a bit of travel between the two places; almost opposite ends of Mainland Mexico. Your fish and standard boards will do fine for most days at Vallarta. For Puerto Escondido and other similar spots on the journey south you would need specialty equipment, but even at those venues there is still great uncrowded surf nearby that can be had with a standard and “step-up” boards. If you have experience with larger hollow surf and for sure are going to spots in Manzanillo or down to Zicatela, then bringing a gun is warranted.

Good luck and have fun!!!