Michael Petersen's board

Does Anyone know what size board Michael Petersen was riding at Kirra in classic sequence in movie “morning of the earth” ?

5’10-maybe 5’8".apparently he is making copies of that board, though i don’t know how to find out for sure.

I think it was about 6’8". That’s a guess but I made boards with him the following winter in HI and I seem to remember the subject coming up and that’s what came into my head when I saw your question. Also his boards were quite narrow. 18.5 - 18.75

Oops, I meant 5’8". Sorry

Hey Terry I have a Tracks mag from Aus. with him holding that board Ill look for it , It has the # on it if I recall.Matt you heard MP was shaping ? I think since his Mom had him commited he has been out of the loop.

I have seen them in surfshops, the one’s I have seen are 6’0’x 20’ x 2.75. I think the tail was about 15.5. His brother was shaping them on the Goldy.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I thought the board looked about that size, but then I saw in TSJ volume 11 number3 page 106 a pic of MP holding “his classic design” and it looked about a foot bigger. A different version maybe. I was just amazed at the way that board in the movie would maintain trim speed and plane so fast when in some moments it looked like no obvious effort was being made. True he was surfing Kirra , but I thought the board had to be a little bigger than it looked in the film.

yeah its about 5"8 with quite a square tail…weight forward…noseriding potential. They are reproducing them on the goldie…MP hasnt shaped or riden for 20 years…but you can buy a copy of that board from Retro Groove at coolangatta…they are about $700 oz dollars. Is morning of the earth big in seppo land yet>?

I’ve one of MP’s boards from that period and it’s fairly typical of Oz boards of the day. Mine’s a 5’9" and, as far as I can gauge, more or less identical to what he’s riding in ‘Morning of the earth’. Most s-deck or ‘camel’ decks from that period (‘Morning’ was filmed in 1971 for the most part, and released in '72, but the board design had been around since mid-‘69 and came into its own in ‘70) were 5’6" to 6’ in length. I’ve seldom struck a positive comment about these boards, but personally I love them. They’re hardly ideal in all conditions, but in typical 3-4’ Oz surf they’re hard to beat. They paddle fairly well- most are at least 19 1/2" wide and 3" thick- and are normally very loose, albeit without the difficult-to-control, sloppy looseness of a conventional hull. They also, typically, trim beautifully.