Mickey Munoz - Accurate Planers - Sacred Craft


Blown away by that planer.  Bump for more info.

Mickey is a hero to me.  Even had one of his boards when I was a kid.  Since I know quite a few of those guys pretty well I can not tell you who I am rooting for but I have my favorite.

Also, the planer posted by JN looks insane!  Who built it, out of what, how and where?

new planer company; there may be a few at Sacred Craft to check out. They look pretty solid, but I’m no expert.

watched Mikey win the legend’s division this last weekend at Malibu.

How many times has he stood there?  

Wow. I’m guessing the market for Skil 100s and Clark Hitachis has just plunged. How much for those bad boys?

No prices posted...yet   http://accuratewaterman.com/ 

   Howzit jamie,Since i now live in Havasu city and it's only financial base for over 40 years was construction I am going to hit every garage sale and swap meet there is looking for Skill planers and I bet I come across one one day since there are a lot of old geezers who retired from the construction business and have passed away and now their heirs are selling off the old tools and since there is not a lot of surfboard building going on in Havasu I imagine they have no idea what they are worth or at least I hope they don't. Aloha,Kokua

   Sorry dbl post

Ahh man, I was near Havasu this last weekend…I need a new planer, should’ve gone to garage sales myself

$1200.00 for either the long or short base, They are making 100 of them this year



Perhaps the market for Hitachis and used Skils will remain intact after all…

Still probably worth it for those who appreciate it.

Wow, a modern 100. Maybe I need to look into the tooling required to start manufacturing modern 653s.

  Howzit swanny, I think at this time of the year it must be to hot for garage sales because there was only 1 in the whole town last Sat. I know they even stop having the swap meets til some time in late August. Check out tha one that is in Ventura on Craigeslist for only$420 Ithink,that's a good deal but they don't tell you how many amps it is. I am just waiting for the time when the swap meet and the garage sales startup. Aloha,Kokua