Micro Side Bites!

Hey guys,

I’m having a new 9’0" comp board shaped and have asked for the usual 10" centre box and a pair of Futures side bites. I also had a moment of inspiration and asked for an extra set of plugs set just inside the side bites. Mr Neville of seabase apparently understands what I’m after and is firing off the board as we speak. But they cant supply the micro fins.

Now from memory, I can recall seeing a pair of tiny 2" single block FCS (style) fins. I think they where Rusty branded but can’t find anyone who knows what I’m talking about.

I could make up some glass fins myself but would prefer to have a starting point fo foil, angle and cant out of the block. I could just hack down some glass FCS fins I guess, but i’d rather buy a set from a manaufactureer who has put the R & D time in!!

Any thoughts???

I like tiny little side bites (when I use them) too. Turbo Tunnel makes some pretty small ones. I also had Island fin designs custom make some small ones for me.

The Greek makes small sidebites to go with his Turbo Tunnel center fins. They’re pretty cool, come in a few colors, and they have them for FCS and Futures.


Also, doesn’t FCS make a tiny single tab fin called a C5 or something like that?

Future Fins does make a small sidebiter fin, it’s the one used on the Hynson Twinzers. don’t know the name but it does exist.

PM Herb for some superchargers with tabs…

These fins are really hard to find retail nowadays

If this is what you’re talking about

I had a real hard time 5 years ago when I was looking for them in carbon for my George Ku 5-fin’s

Hi JediKnight -

Oneula’s pic shows the C-5 I was thinking of. I’ve also seen them used for forward fins on a Widowmaker design. Not sure where to get them but if you can’t find any, I’ll make you a set. Just fire me a PM with your address and I’ll wing it. I don’t have the exact specs or anything but a single tab FCS fin is easy to make. I made some for trailers on a fish I did awhile back.

Thanks for all the replies guys,

I’ve a buddy who knows Bob, so I’ll send him a mail to see what he can come up with!

I’m definitely looking for a similar set up as the pic posted by Oneula,

Imagine that set up with a box in the middle and a small cutaway, a small Greenough hatchet or a mini Wingnut cutaway. Ooohh i’m starting to fizz!!! Any chance of some dims and a silhouette/template Oneula??? Plleeeeeeeeeesssssseee!!!

I’ll ask Neville about the C5 kit! It looks like fibregalss supply do the C5 set still?

Mr Mellor, I am deeply gratefull of you offer and will call on your services if I cant find what i’m looking for. Thanks!

Item #
C5 Fin Box, incorporates all the design features of the thruster box and adds ½" of adjustability. The FC5 Designed by Rusty using Vector Force Foil™, is the ultimate enhancement to any C5 board.
C5 Box and FC5 Fin Set (2)
$ 13.75


Thanks for the advice I gleaned from both on and off site messages!

My new stick finally arrived after serious delays and many many phone calls to Mr Neville! Apparently posed quite a few problems and many furrowed brow and rubbed chin!

9’0". 22⅝".Wide 13⅜".Tail 17¾".Nose 2½ Thick. Piles of Vee, super hard rails, ¾" concave under the nose. 6" fin box with futures sidebites. Super light 4/4/6, composite stringer… Oh and it turns like its life depends on it! My first session and first wave consisted of two super sharp layback snaps and then lots of psychotic giggling and muttering to myself!! I surfed till it was too dark to see the shore and then paddled in still muttering and gggling like a looney!! It only seems to come alive in shoulder plus surf. Super fast down the line and "“BANG” snaps through a turn only slowing a little. A bit of a handfull, but thats what I was after. I’m a bit of a delayed thinker, so need a fast responding board!

Heres a few pics.

Hmmmm… Would you like some more vee with your vee sir!!!

I’ve surfed it as a quad which was fun and skatey. Really nice on the rail, but a bit twitchy straight! I’ve tried a load of different centre fins and the 9" wingnut cutaway from RFC feels the nice all-rounder. I used the big Stewart 10" when its been overhead as it gave me the little bit more confidence I needed to lean that little bit deeper in my turns.

I’m super stoked with the board. However, as Im 15 stone/95 kilos/205 lbs and above average build, I’m terrified I’ll snap it duckdiving! But then shit does happen!!!

Thanks to Mark and his team at Seabase!

Hi Si tried to give you a call before christmas to see if you were up for a drink but couldn’t get through, changed number?

Did you get those micro side bites, I’ll be making some fin pannels soon, I’m sure I could fit some miros on for you.

Hey Woody,

Been super busy working. Also redecorating my dining room (as you can see from the pics). I’ll text you!