Are products like microballoons, milled fiber, and cabosil specific to surfboard construction? Are these that are at West Marine suitable for use in surfboards. I’m thinking maybe the milled fiber without uv inhibs will yellow quicker?Thanks.

No Q-sil, Cab-O-sil, and the milled fiber, are not just used in the surfboard industrey. I have used these for other none surfboard work. Except the milled fiber. I have only used milled fiber to repair surfboards. I have not found that it yellows. Most of the yellowing is from the water that get into the foam before the repair has been done. I do not use a lot of the milled fiber I only use it for small dings say under 1/4 to 1/2 inch round or so. I still repair larger dings the old way. Cut out a wedge of foam and glue it in, and glass over it. Hope this helps.

No they are not, in fact cabosil is used in medicines. You do want to make sure you don’t get the phenolic microballoons which are usually an ugly purple color. If you buy the WEST system stuff you’re paying too much. Companies such as Fiberglass Supply (509.493.3464)break down 3M bubbles (glass microspheres), cabosil, and milled fibers.