Microwave + Resin Research = a good thing

After reading about it a few times, I finally gave it a try a couple weeks ago. I decided to do it because my resin was THICK. It had been 50*F in the sun during the day =( . It worked well to help the resin flow better…

Fast forward to this week, it’s now mid to low 60’s outside and right at 80* in my glassing tent… I thought “what the heck” and microwaved the resin again just to see what it would do. I was prepared for disaster. NOT! Works great on both lams and hotcoats. Minimizes bubbles and frothing A BUNCH, wets out glass easier, hotcoats flow easier,… I’m stoked! =)

I’m using both Kwik Kick and CE. It worked equally well for both… I pour my resin (not hardener, not resin and hardener, just the RESIN) in the bucket and pop it in the microwave on high for 10 seconds. Stir it then pop it back in for another 10. And repeat for another 10. The resin is now just cooler than bath water (right about at “scary hot”) and when you stir it, there are hardly any bubbles and it’s really runny. Add your hardener (additive F, what’s that?) and stir. 60 stirs to the right, scrape the sides and bottom, 60 to the left then repeat for a total of 3 sets each direction.

I thought using epoxy that hot would be a disaster in 80*F heat but nope. Never know 'til you try it right? I did make a point to get all or most of it out of the bucket fast after mixing. Leave a little in the bottom for touch ups tho… I’m a happy camper, thanks to all who have suggested using the microwave in the past.

Anyway, just thought I’d share. Try it, I think you’ll like it.


I just want to add, if you are reading this while researching on how to glass your first surfboard with epoxy, you might want to skip it…

You should probably be reading this: http://www.swaylocks.com/resources/detail_page2.cgi?ID=1029 … and this: http://www2.swaylocks.com/forums/first-epoxy-glass-job-s instead.

Warm epoxy flows nice! I haven’t done the microwave trick yet, but I did mix up some epoxy on a 35C day (after a week of 30C+ temps) and it was really thin and easy to spread around. Only problem was pot life was about 10mins!

BTW, are they resin drips on the bottom of the board in the second photo? If so, looks like you’ve got a lot of grinding ahead of you!


Thanks for the post. I've also had good luck using the microwave, but haven't done it in awhile.

A little painter's tape around the rails would eliminate those drops on the bottom. Been there, done that! 

hey Chris.

thanks for this, its frustrating glassing when its cold because its so slow moving and seems like it takes longer.

ill try this next time. :slight_smile:

Did it change the working time?  Like I have about 30 minutes with Kwik Kick,  Would that go down considerably?

I wonder if it has any effect on long term durability?  I wonder if Greg is still around and he could chime in about the merits or demerits of heating the resin?

I think it does decrease working time but, not to where it’s unmanageable.

And yes, I forgot to tape for the hotcoat on that board =P … Lot’s of grinding =(

Using a microwave works good. I am spoiled never having to glass in a room under 55 maybe. At 30 I wouldn’t even try.

I know some guys put there hotcoat brush in a ziplock and freeze it till the next day and hotcoat with it again without cleaning it. Below freezing temps it slows way down. I have never put one in the freezer but I know it works. 

About 30 minutes after HC I always go back and scrape the bottom edge then run my finger under the rail edge smoothing out all the drips. I only tape the deck when I’m hotcoating a opaque or tint glass job. 


Just gotta be careful with microwaving resin. A friend of mine almost burned down his shop when the resin caught fire in the microwave. 

Yes! I almost always heat my RR in the microwave. It definitely allows it to soak quicker/more easily into the cloth, kind of like adding styrene to PE… It also certainly shortens the pot life, but that’s not such a bad thing with epoxy right?

Oh and never microwave the hardener… I did a couple small test cups to see what happens, and it turns into a bubbly overflowing monster

i boil the kettle and give the resin a hot water bath, i prefer it to the microwave and is maybe safer.

Am I looking at this picture correctly???   Is that hardened resin????  Looks like a lot of sanding to come.


Yup, I dropped the ball. =(



Maybe try surfing it before you grind them down? It could be one of those momentous moments in surfboard design history, when a serendipitous mistake changes the course of design progression.  What I’m thinking is the “tubercles”  will radically loosen up the rail line???


Hahah, yup, Roy’s got nothing on me! =)

Truth be told, I usually babysit my hotcoats and brush off the drips. I had to leave this one tho…

The ones that I have taped have turned out much better. Duh =)

But is the result repeatable and consistent across multiple boards, or will the randomness of the drip pattern on each such board make some boards “magic” and others “dogs”?!