Mid length boards

The most hated category of board is of course that between 7 and 8 ft.

Why?  They can be surfed well and many people with board dysmorphia dysfunction (surfboard anorexia) would benefit from experimenting with them.

Here’s a clip to start us off   https://vimeo.com/117554484

Anyone got any others…?  




As I get older I tend to ride longboards.  My next foam board will be 7’-7’-2".  I like that length since it maneuvers quicker than a standard longboard, but isn’t as squirrelly as what is in vogue today.

Yep - definitely not in vogue…some people would rather walk down a beach with a matchstick, have a frustrating session but walk back with something skinny than ride something fun!

How bout this?




And this!



7’10" x 23" x3" double cut lap basalt fiberglass with one 6 oz clear on top, the rails have a really cool stripe look from the double layer of basalt on the rails 

Been building a few lately.

Some singles, and some 2+1’s.

Love them, and having knee issues the last 18 months love them even more now haha. I’m in line for one off speedneedle, and will be back in the water in 8-12 weeks. Looking forward to it.


My 7’ 5finner rehab board is such a great board too. 




Love love the first one Barry 


Wow Barry. Beautiful boards.

Thanks guys.

Everybody likes that pulled in Pintail board.

When DT came out with his Scorpion Model,

Just looked thru my templates,

Combined a round nose egg with a speed egg tail and WALA.

The “IRS” Indian Red Scorpion.

The most poisonous scorpion on the planet.

Been a popular model with multiple fin options.


Always like your boards Mahady

seeing some McCoy’ish stuff going on with this one you posted

great looking cloth/resin/color… is the cloth actually that dark color?  It does appear so given the photo of the cloth roll, just not something I have seen before

Well done!

If you grow up in the Longboard era Then You Knew 7’10" is a radical short board. 8’6" is a mid length

You are so correct.      After testing a range of sizes, (6’ 3’’ and up, back in the day) I settled on 7’ 10’’ as the magic do anything and everything, board size.    I could ride 3’ La Jolla Shores, and 15’ Sunset, on the same board/same fin, without any problems.     7’ 10’’ x 21’’ to a 7’’ sq tail, weighing in at 14 pounds.     Turns so sharp, you risked disappearing up your own a$$#ole !

Thank You very much Lankameese,

The color is from the cloth, almost looks like burlap with a single layer but when you have the double layers on the rails it gets a shiny golden brown with really cool stripes in it, the pinlines are nail polish with a polished speed spray on top

Love your replies.

5-6 to 9-8, I always came back to 7-6.

60 something here

shortest riden consistantly was 6-2

Now a days 7ft is midlength, yeah?

First Video

Very nice

Just like to add some upgrades.

Light, single concave and quad.


just 4 S&G




A batch of midlengths I shaped last year, like to do sets of boards in certain themes. ranged from 7 to 7’7’’

When Dave Rastovich was asked, a few years ago, if he could only have one board, what length would it be, he answered that it would have to be a 7’10".  I’m over 60, still have fun on boards 6-0 to 6-4, but I’m hanging on to my custom 7-10 just because.

7’8.5" x 23.5" x 3 1/4". Nine and a half foot of foam unter eight feet.

Very nice bb30