Mid lengths Fish vs Egg

I am looking for a mid lenght board Never ridden a shortboard 0nly longboards. Weigh 70kg and inetrmediate exp. Need the board for powerful hollow reefbreaks. I see 2 designs that appeal eggs and fish/swallow tail in the 7’6" - 7’10" range. What are the main differences in riding style and wave suitability between eggs and fish tails? Tks

If you are comparing an egg to a true fish shape, for the conditions you describe and your background you are more suited for an egg. The looseness of a fish would be much different than what you are use to and with hollow beach breaks, you can reap the benefits of a pinned or rounded pinnned egg. Fishes are known for their looseness combined with flotation and a skatey flat feel. The transition from a longboard to an egg will be easier for you.