Might have f'd up! How can I sand FCS fin plug patches flat

Hello all!

I’ve finally started sanding the hot coat on a recently made board and wanted to get some info on how to sand the fcs plug patches flat. 

The sanding is going well, even though I’m using a palm sander and is taking for ever, but I can see that there’s a slighty raised area where the fin patches are.

I’m doing a 5 fin set-up and there is a little trench between the patches with shinies and feel that if I keep on sanding I’m gonna hit the weave. I suspect that I haven’t used enough resin when I laid the hot coat down to fill the gaps in and get the bottom all level. Doing flat bottom to vee.

Should I just mix another batch of hot coat resin and re-do the process on the tail end of the board to get it all level or is there another way?

Please help, there’s a decent swell predicted for next weekend and want to get the board done quick snap to do a bit of R&D!! Cheers in advance!

I would sand flat and either 2nd light hot coat like I did when I hit weave or someone suggested to me to lacquer with speedcote. But that’s only what I know so others may have better ideas :slight_smile:

Cheers Steve!

Got a can of acrylic laquer at the ready to seal it when I finish. Better stock up on some 120 grit and get at it then. 

That’s ok. Hopefully you won’t hit weave but go easy. I’m not massively experienced but it’s advice I’ve been given. Good luck :slight_smile:

Put down the palm sander. Wrong tool for the job. Palm sanders are great for removing sanding scratches, but not much else. To hand sand flat, you need a wood sanding block. Wrap some sand paper around it. Slow and steady, and keep brushing off the sanding dust, or the paper gets filled.

Thanks for the input everysurfer. Ok, I’ll break out the block and do it by hand. Do I need a lower grit, like 80, or is 120 enough.

Start with 80 and get it level with your block. Then move up though the grades to get rid of the scratches. You can buy cheap sander polishers that would be your desired choice but of course if you plan to keep making boards then invest in a good one. I’ve had my makita one for 10 years and it’s still going strong. If you find yourself hitting the weave too much just re hotcoat. Cheers rich

I’ll 2nd a makita sander. We got one at work in the valeting bay and it’s about 15 years old and not failed yet :slight_smile:

Cheers boys!

Will crack on with the block and different grits.

I like Makita too, they make good stuff. I have to invest in an electric planer at some point, can get away without one at the moment, but I do need a variable speed sander/ polisher.

I have another board ready to glass when I finish this one and it would get through hot coat sanding much quicker. What model makita do you have Rich?

Just finished using the block with some 80 grit. Worked a treat and didn’t hit the weave. Got a few pin holes which I’ll seal later. Used the palm sander to get rid of the scratches left by the block. 

It was hard work but results are good. The patches are blended nicely with the bottom…just need a new elbow and shoulder!

Thanks for the advice lads!!