mike eaton zinger

anyone tried his twin fin bonzer? how’d it work and what kind of fin placement, toe in and fin cant does it have. thinking of making one.

Kevin at SunSet Cliffs rides one (south/north Garbages) and he sezz that its really

fast. You might want to drop by and have a chat. Dont forget the tape measure, note pad…


I’m not much on “models” per se, as I used to shape a few.

But if you want fast, you don’t have to copy any particular design.

You know straight set fins drop in fast.

You know flatter rocker is faster than curvier rockers.

You know you need a certain amount of width for your weight and the speed of the waves.

You know concaves can increase some push out of your turns.

It’s been proven that higher aspect fins are less draggy, and work better at higher board speeds.

Take a look at your current board, apply the above.

I rode Kevin’s the other day and discussed it on a thread about chine rails…Not really my cup of tea but pretty interesting. Kind of a squishy feeling under your back foot. Put it on edge and it is very smooth and positive for a “twin” fin. Didn’t get the “5th gear” feeling though. Very, very quick edge to edge. Made the 22 inch wide board feel like 18. Kevin likes it for nose riding.