Mike Slingerland-Surfboards Hawaii Gun

Anybody know how I can get in touch with Mike Slingerland? I’ve tried SurfySurfy and had no luck there. Recently I picked up a beautiful 70’s Surfboards Hawaii gun shaped by Mike and I’m trying to find out some info on it. Its pretty unique in that it has “Charlie Don’t Surf” hand painted on the deck. Ser. no. is 5625. Its a really nice board and still in great condition. I know Mike has shaped many many boards but he might remember this one. I’m sure he would like to see pics of it. Sure would appreciate the help. Thanks.

Nice find

Give Moonlight Glassing a call. Mike has been working close with Moonlight. He may even have a shaping room at Moonlight. 

Surfy Surfy has sold it’s Brick and Morter Store to Bing. I guess they still have an on line thing going.